The ESOC Theatre Group and Cabinets of Curiosity are proud to present:

The ESOC Theatre Group and Cabinets of Curiosity are proud to present:

an evening of 3 short original plays

Women are Cruel 

Sam didn’t see it coming, but ‘his’ Helen is no longer his, and he’s having a hard time accepting that „now she’s just somebody that he used to know.“

Men are Beasts 

As Deborah waits for her ex-husband to bring the children back home from their weekly night out, she reminisces on how her life has changed over the last months and on the hardships of single parenting.

Muscle Memory 

Sharon met her husband Pete on the dance floor… but now, twenty-four years later, he says he’s too old to dance. But Sharon is still raring to go – so she enrols in ballroom dancing lessons where she meets Dieter, the sexy German dance instructor. Will Sharon succumb to the delights of Dieter’s Paso Doble?

Find out in ‘Muscle Memory’, a comedy monologue written and performed by Sarah Blake for the professional theatre company, Cabinets of Curiosity.

About the ESOC Theatre Group:

Founded in 1988, The ESOC Theatre Group is a non-profit social organisation, part of the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) of the European Space Agency (ESA), located in Darmstadt, Germany.

Our goal is to provide the background for our members to practice theatre arts as a hobby and to make theatre in the English language available to an international community of enthusiasts in and around Darmstadt.

The main activities of the ESOC Theatre Group are the production of public amateur theatre plays, play reading sessions, workshops, theatre trips and other theatre related activities.

The ESOC Theatre Group has currently around 50 members of many nationalities.