Bouncin Bettys + The Invasion B&P

Bouncin Bettys + The Invasion B&P

Disco Punk meets Phönix

Bouncing Bettys:
Hey we are a two piece Band from Limburg founded in 2015.
We play disco punk with touch of stoner rock.
We released our first demo on bandcamp end 2015 and got some support shows for Down to Date, Frontex, Appaloosa, Bubonix, Strobocop. In the meantime we are working on new recordings for 2017.
Get in touch with us, we are looking forward to make you dance.

Über Phönix muss eigentlich gar nichts Schreiben, ihr kennt ihn alle, zumindest aus der Fußgängerzone!!!!!!!

The Invasion B&P:

We R aDuo bassgitar/drumz Daniel aka BubbleGumTrash(drumz-screams) Phoenix(bass-howling)

Since hmm 2013-4 our noize iza mix of punk,Reggae, Funk, we kall it ChaoS Numerous Konzerts all over Deutschland &have been twice in Poland Warsaw city this yr &ND we enjOy having fU NN with the publik